TIBA PARKING SYSTEMS Tel: +1 614 328 2040

TIBA PARKING SYSTEMS Tel: +1 614 328 2040

SPARK Suite Cloud

TIBA Enterprise Parking Management Platform  

The TIBA SPARK Suite Platform is cloud-based, web environment that allows parking operators and owners to control, manage, and monitor all their facilities from a central location. SPARK utilizes the successes of SmartPark, and expands the user experience in a streamlined and accessible way. Spark can be accessed from any Internet ready device — from virtually anywhere in the world.
The architecture is built on the AWS platform and takes full advantage of modern, best-practice technology. It allows the Platform to be fault-tolerant, highly available, and to be dynamically scalable — ensuring a better user experience. It will also serve as the architecture for future global and/or consumer-facing product offerings. 
Customers maintain their independence. TIBA holds true to our belief that data ownership stays with our customers.
SPARK expands on the mature, proven TIBA SmartPark logic engine. Controllers remain locally installed, and local/offine decision point integrity is maintained in our multilayered approach. This minimize downtime and feature-loss when the Internet isn’t available. Connections from the local side to the Platform are designed to be outbound only, eliminating the need for the owner to purchase static, public IPs. SPARK modules allow owners and operators to maintain control of all facilities with a single login.
The SPARK Platform is compatible with all existing TIBA products. SPARK does rely on a minimum version of SmartPark. TIBA provides excellent backwards compatibility and support — bringing our latest Internet enabled benefits to anymember of the current TIBA family.

 - TIBA has extensive experience designing Parking Systems that are effective      at managing multiple TIBA sites with minimal staff/interaction in SmartPark.
 - Built-in Resolver functionality boasts the ability to quickly react to customer      needs and to dispatch for assistance.
 - SPARK’s detailed report generator engine provides useful, proactive data      to management.

Cloud architecture    No need for static IP to SmartPark servers   Easy remote access from anywhere
Easy Deployment   New users join VIA email invite   Features in the cloud update automatically
Keeps SmartPark Offline Capabilities   Keeps operational independency on
internet failure   Auto recovery of failures
Microsoft technology with AWS Cloud Services


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