TIBA PARKING SYSTEMS Tel: +1 614 328 2040

TIBA PARKING SYSTEMS Tel: +1 614 328 2040

Parking-as-a-Service (PaaS) Program

We Just Made an Engaged parking Experience Easier to Achieve

TIBA Parking Systems is pleased to deliver even more flexibility through a low-risk, easy-to-adopt approach to achieving a truly Engaged Parking Experience.
Our Parking-as-a-Service (PaaS) offering is a simple, customer-friendly purchase program that takes the complexity of capital expenditures (CapEx), financing headaches, software costs and updates, deployment expenses, service plans, and support fees out of the Parking Access and Revenue Control System (PARCS) investment equation.
TIBA’s PaaS solution offers a complete suite of products and equipment choices, including multiple Entry/Exit terminal options, Pay on Foot, and cashier stations, and bundles all into a full TIBA “Best-in-Class” solution. Our PaaS model also includes our flexible SmartPark software platform and ongoing support and maintenance for computer and equipment hardware and software, as well as continued updates and upgrades into one, simple low-risk monthly subscription fee.
The TIBA solution portfolio not only provides hardware and software developed by TIBA parking innovation experts, but our team also offers key consulting services to ensure your cloud platform is tailored to your facilities’ specific dynamics and is optimized for maximum value delivery. Our technical support services provide remote and on-site infrastructure management services for monitoring, administration and management of your cloud solution and application systems, including computer security services, such as enforcing, restricting and controlling access privileges of users of computing resources for cloud, mobile or network resources based on assigned credentials.
The TIBA technology partner ecosystem powers a deep and seamless Integration service of computer systems and networks across the parking and mobility value chain.
This end-to-end solution model provides customers with the peace of mind that all software and hardware component maintenance will be covered in the subscription, without having to own costly and depreciating equipment. PaaS truly makes staying on the cutting edge of parking and mobility innovation easy.


Are You:
● A cash conscious asset owner that must ensure high levels of customer experience?● An owner who may consider divesting your asset in 2-3 years and looking to drive up short-term value?● An operator concerned with staying current with technology innovation to drive incremental revenue opportunity?● An operator looking to simplify management contracts with ownership greater terms and revenue share flexibility?
If you fall in to one or more of these categories, now is the time to find out how TIBA’s Parking-as-a-Service (PaaS) could be the perfect option for you. 

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