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TIBA PARKING SYSTEMS Tel: +1 614 328 2040

TIBA Parking Systems Enhances Customer Journey with Launch of X60 Ticketless Solution

Powered by License Plate Recognition, Operators Now Have Access to a Stable and Convenient Seamless Entry/Exit/Payment Solution


Petach Tikvah, Israel, September 18, 2023 – TIBA Parking Systems R&D (1986) LTD a subsidiary company of FAAC Technologies, a leader in Parking and Revenue Control Systems (PARCS) development, today announces the launch of its new X60 Ticketless Solution, a highly customizable solution that delivers enhanced traffic flow via the system’s seamless License Plate Recognition, ensuring swift entry and exit as well as minimizing congestion and wait times for both customers and facility operations.
Additional Key Benefits of TIBA's Ticketless Parking Solution:
● Convenient Payment Options with Scan-to-Pay and Lobby Pay Stations: Users can settle parking fees quickly and conveniently without the need for traditional tickets by picking either to pay via scan-to-pay or by entering a license plate number at a lobby pay station, and the TIBA system will accurately calculate parking fees, providing a hassle-free payment experience.
● Cost Savings: By eliminating the need for paper tickets, TIBA's system significantly reduces ticket-related expenses and the administrative burden associated with lost tickets, thus granting cost savings to parking lot operators.
● Eco-Friendly Solution: Deploying TIBA Ticketless Solution means a reduction in paper waste, contributing to a more eco-friendly and sustainable parking solution, supporting the global push towards environmentally responsible practices.
At TIBA we strive to protect our customers’ investment with the continual release of new and enhanced features, like Ticketless. Any garage with existing X60 equipment will soon be able to activate through their value-added reseller the ticketless capability, while also maintaining the traditional parking journey as a fail-safe.
"With our extensive install base and value-added distribution channel around the US, the deployment of the Ticketless Solution to our customers will be a phone call away. “FAAC Technologies stands committed to supporting TIBA’s continued product growth and success as a PARCS market leader," says Luca Cervato, FAAC Technologies.
"TIBA has already deployed the Ticketless Solution in garages in Israel, paving the way for the local and North American market, and bringing both the old customer journey and the new ticketless journey together to an effortless intuitive solution with many customization options,” shares Ilan Lev, TIBA Israel.
For over 30 years, TIBA has provided innovative solutions for parking operators and owners, through reliable products that are easy to install, commission and maintain, and provide the best return on investment and lowest cost of ownership in the industry. The TIBA X60 hardware is an embedded proprietary controller-based, OS Less solution that encompasses the latest technologies including robust field-proven components such as touch screen, integrated SIP on board intercom and pin hole camera, voice annunciator, printer, barcode scanners, bill validators & recyclers, and much more. The TIBA solution is highly customizable thus can support a tailor-made configuration for the needs of the different garages and use cases. The X60 platform, the new Ticketless mode, as well as the all-new SPARK native cloud platform are backward compatible to our existing TIBA X60 install base, thus allowing our customers’ assets to evolve over time.
Since 2020, TIBA has been successfully deploying the X60 product line in USA, Australia, and Israel, allowing parking operators to benefit from its flexible solutions coupled with TIBA native cloud SPARK platform, the enhanced Smart Park software, as well as a wide variety of third-party integrations with complimentary hardware and software solutions.
Sample User Flows of the X60 Ticketless Solution are below. If you’d like to receive additional information about TIBA’s X60 Ticketless Solution, please contact your local TIBA value-added reseller (VAR) or direct sales contact.
About TIBA
TIBA Parking Systems, a company of FAAC Technologies is a preeminent leader of solutions for the parking and mobility industry. With the most advanced and flexible systems, TIBA products are scalable, reliable, and user-friendly. TIBA is committed to an “Engaged Parking Experience” through a focus on superior products, providing the industry’s most configurable solutions, and delivering a first-rate customer success partnership. TIBA’s flexible cloud and/or on-premise architecture enables parking operators to leverage technology and market trends with unparalleled flexibility and unlock new revenue opportunities. TIBA serves parking operators and owners both directly and through an extensive network of value-added resellers. Visit www.tibaparking.com to learn more.
About FAAC Technologies
FAAC Technologies is one of the leading international players in the access automation and control business in both the residential and industrial sectors. The headquarters, the technological and managerial heart are located in Bologna, in Italy, but the group boasts a huge presence abroad, where it develops most of its business with both production sites and commercial premises. Established in Bologna in 1965 thanks to the forward-thinking intuition of its founder Giuseppe Manini, FAAC Technologies is today an international group led by a consolidated and highly motivated management team, which operates through 53 legal entities present in 29 countries distributed across 5 continents, and over 3,600 employees.
Forward-looking statements
The information included in this press release contains, or may be deemed to contain, forward-looking statements (as defined in the U.S. Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995 and the Israeli Securities Law, 1968). Said forward-looking statements. Subject to uncertainties and assumptions and the actual results may materially differ. All forward-looking statements in this press release are based on information available to TIBA Parking Systems on the date hereof. All written or oral forward-looking statements attributable to TIBA Parking Systems are expressly qualified in their entirety by the factors referred to above. TIBA Parking Systems does not intend to update these forward-looking statements.
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Ticketless option 1 – Main flow, payment at a lobby station with license plate number


Ticketless option 2 – Main flow, payment at an exit station with license plate captured by LPR


Ticketless option 3 – Fallback, entry with paper ticket

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